Ten Tips for New Raspberry Pi Owners

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If Santa brought you a Raspberry Pi this Christmas, this handy list of tips for new Pi owners will help get you started.

Courtesy of Make Magazine, we find a collection of handy getting started tips for the Raspberry Pi and working with the command prompt like:

Command line completion
You don’t have to laboriously type out long paths, filenames, and commands. Just type the first few letters and hit tab. If bash (the command interpreter, or shell) can determine what file you’re referring to, it will fill in the rest for you. If not, hit tab again it will give you a list of possibilities if there are more than one.

sudo !!
It can be frustrating to type out an entire command only to be told you need to be the superuser to execute it. Type “sudo !!” (pronounced “sudo bang bang”) to execute the previous command as root.

Hit up the link below for the full list. Have a tip of your own to share? Sound off in the comments.

Ten Tips for New Raspberry Pi Owners [Make]


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